Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
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Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)

Online backup solutions?

Posted by Al Doan under Questions to help businesses


Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)

So I saw a tweet this morning about Nasuni Backup from Jesse Noller’s backing (python anyone?), which looks really promising. I’ve been looking for a solution for my personal backup for quite a while. I have about a dozen computers that people are using in my projects in a “if any two of them went down it’d be a disaster” type of scenario, so I’ve been looking to build a repository/backup solution for a while. I looked at carbonitepro.com when I heard Leo advertise it on TWiT, but it runs about $3000 for 499 gb of data, and considering the three 250 gb drives that are filled to the max on my desk alone, this wasn’t going to work. I just can’t justify spending that when 1T drives, which two could hold all my data I need backed up, are sitting at about $100 a piece, $70 a piece if you stood in line at walmart after Thanksgiving.

So Nasuni is doing some great things with the backup process, using the cloud, which I like, etc. But they lead out with a $3K base fee, then the .15 A3 storage fee per gigabyte on top of that. So for 1T of storage, you’re talking again $3500 or so (this is obviously better than carbonitepro as in the long run storage prices are incremental once you’ve built in the fixed Nasuni fee).

Now realize please, that I’ve built backup solutions for major corporations, I get that I’m saving the hardware costs, the management fees, the data center fees, etc. I also get the fact that a good backup solution is worth every penny you’ve paid in the event of failure or theft. I know that it’s necessary. But for a small business it’s a gamble that is the norm because we simply don’t have the funds to put in backup.

So here’s my thought (really question rather), is there, somewhere, a solution for the large personal user / small business user that can sit between the $3K annual pricing for backup of these guys, but slightly above the $20-50 a month of the small solutions? There’s got to be something? If anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears.  I’m looking for around $100 a month for 1T of storage that can be used by multiple computers… anyone…. anyone?

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Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
  • Brad Saguindel

    My suggestion would be Zetta (http://www.zetta.net). Zetta's Data Protect service offers simple cloud storage for your servers. Zetta isn't the consumer-based backup service, but provides the features and functionality of an NAS in the cloud – with all of the whistles and bells you would expect from a on-premise NAS system; snapshots, replication, data integrity, etc….

    Zetta also allows multiple servers to write to the same volume – no additional costs for the agents.

    Their cost for 1TB is $256 per month and $0.25GB thereafter. It's the typical on-demand service in which you “pay for what you use” model, so you can shrink or grow whichever you please. In fact, no requirements for up-front CAPEX fees and options are month-to-month billing or annual agreements.

    What's also cool is that this is a fully mountable volume – no media server or software interface to access your files when your primary storage system or servers decide to stop working.

    Zetta is exactly what you described – something more than consumer-based backup service, enterprise-

  • Bsilva

    I prefer Jungledisk.

    They charge $4/mo, plus the cloud storage fee (either Rackspace or S3 (Jungledisk is owned by Rackspace)).

    Brad Silva

  • Anonymous

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  • I also use the online backup services. There are many website which provide a online backup service. If you decide to go to a free online backup service, you should be prepared to pay with GB of space. 

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