Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
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Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)

Bootstrap like a missionary

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Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)

Andrew Warner did a great workshop entitled “Bootstrap like a missionary” where he talks about using missionary like passion and conviction to accelerate growth and build an audience.  I had two main take-aways from the discussion, love to hear yours?

Start with garbage

If you wait till everything is perfect, you’ll circumvent the best way to build out your product. Start with a high level iteration, then let your customers/audience give you feedback and determine the direction of the product. The risk the other way is that you get the perfect (in your mind) product, you show it to your users, and they hate it. Don’t waste time, start with whatever you have and build it out as you can. You get position in the market as well.

Force your audience to grow

Find ways of positioning your product that will include others. Make me invite my friends. Put your logo in your emails, make it easy to share, etc. Tell your audience to tell their friends. If you don’t, they won’t ever think to do what you want them to do.

Go watch it. Let me know what you think.
Andrew Warner – Bootstrap like a missionary

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Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
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