Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
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Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)

What I learned at TechStars Day 1

Posted by Al Doan under Gaining Experience, techstars


Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)

So while I’m here, I am going to try and keep a daily log of what I’m able to glean from my experience here at TechStars (hereafter referred to as TS) in a series of posts I’ll call What I Learned at TechStars Day X (hereafter referred to as WILTS), despite what my intentional grammar play may indicate, I am getting wiser all the time … I promise 🙂

In day 1 David Cohen gave a presentation that lasted for hours… and hours on top of hours… then we had dinner, and he gave another presentation… (I wonder how he feels about the no more than 10 slides rule?) But a couple of gems came out of the discussions, pitch practices, and visiting Tom Keller.  I will now list them in chronological order.

Communicate better.

We talked about sending out a weekly “Friends of the company” email to investors, interested parties, etc.  If you don’t you’re missing out on your earliest audience communication opportunity.  Sending out an email weekly forces you to account for your weeks time (what progress have we made) and offers you the chance to ask some direct help / questions (recommended to be done in red, in clear sentences where one can quickly assess if they can help).  There’s 13 weeks in our summer, we can handle 13 emails.

If you’re not an emailer, there are other options, but the point is that you get in a rhythm of talking about what you’re doing.  Blog or tweet daily, email weekly, conference call, whatever, just something to account for your time.

So if you’re starting a business, or going after a Hard Knock MBA, get used to accounting for your time and work.

Be Concise and Clear

While practicing the 20 second pitches, some teams got up and had a very vague beginning.  5 Why’s (David held up 5 fingers and asked why after each explanation till he was out of fingers) later, we had a very clear, concise pitch that communicated the opportunity, solution, and key differentiator in about a sentence and a half.  The way you can test if you need to use the 5 why-er is by paying attention to people’s first questions.  This is another one of the gems for me, I’m used to listening to people, paying attention, etc, but keep track of people’s first response.  If it’s “Why?” you need to answer that in your pitch the next time and you keep working on it.  If it’s “How are you different from…” or “Have you thought of…” those are good questions, it shows they get it and they are connecting dots in their mind.  So listen and keep track of the first responses, it’s your best indicator of how clear your message is.

Be Bold

Tom Keller gave this thought – “If you ever make a decision based on your data, and it turns out to be the wrong move, did you make the wrong decision?  No.  You won’t ever have the full data, make good decisions based on your current data and move on.”  Often we’ll beat ourselves up over a missed deal, or something not going our way, or making a decision that ultimately turns out to be wrong, big deal.  I will always take someone who can analyze the data and make a decision over a ‘flip flopper’ type who can’t / won’t make up their mind because of all the outstanding variables.  Make the decision and move on.

Then as we were going around giving pitches again, one founder was not the ordained speaker for his company, but the turn came to him and he wasn’t sure what to do, he looked around a bit, explained that it was his partners role to talk, yada yada yada, then Tom gave this commentary “Listen, you don’t have the spotlight on you very often in life, so when you do – don’t make excuses, don’t look at your partner, don’t shy away from it.  You face it and go after it full on.” I liked this thought mainly because I agree with the fact that you don’t get that many moments in life to shine.  No one like to strike out standing, if you’re going to get the opportunity to step in the batter box, you swing at that ball man, even if you don’t have what it takes to hit, you go down swinging (also true in love 🙂 Look that VC/Customer/Antagonist/Whoever right in the eye and go for it, whatever it is.

Not a bad 1st day.

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Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
  • gk_bo_co

    An amazing day for sure, Al. Tom was spot on when he critiqued.

  • andrewhyde

    Great thoughts and post. Humble yet bold was my biggest takeaway from the 1st year of TS.

  • Great post, Al. I'll look forward to these updates.

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