Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
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Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)

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Mixergy.com is now paid?

Posted by Al Doan under Online Media Reviews


Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)

That’s right, for any content older than a week, you pay a premium to get it.  I vehemently disagree with this move, I think it undermines the efforts he’s been doing for a long time, and diminishes his brand in my eyes.  Here’s a letter I sent to him, let me know your thoughts, is he in the right, or do I have an argument?  My letter to him –

Andrew, I love your stuff, but I can only listen in bursts (as I have time), and typically I’m here listening because I’m interested and don’t have the money your interviewees have, so to turn around and try to bill us for learning, dude, c’mon. Mixergy is like a library of great minds, a library that should be open to those seeking to learn and be better, not a closed, unused library of old content.

Find a premium service to offer, then bill for that, but don’t kill your staple, the thing that pulls the traffic. I think this is kind of a low move on your part to those of us who have been listening through everything you have and evangelizing your service. In particular I just started doing a review a week of past interviews to highlight favorites for people studying startups and entrepreneurship, now my next 4 write ups are moot, I’m not gonna drive a bunch of kids just trying to learn how to make a buck to a $25 a month subscription, that’s just garbage.

While I respect what you do and think that you should make a living off it, there’s better ways to do this.  Go sponsorships (you have these already), go advertising, go write a book and promote that, go back to events, go give me another way to support you because of the love I have for you for all the great things your doing, but don’t stab at those who have been supporting you for so long, all that does is devalue your own brand and distance you from your supporters. Mixergy made my life better because it gave me something better to listen to during work rather than techno beats and whatever else came through the playlist, but at $25 bones a month, techno will do me just fine, or past episodes of TWiST where the interviews aren’t as good, but good enough.

It just makes you look greedy Andrew, and that’s disappointing cause you’re sort of a Robin Hood figure in my opinion, where you’ve made your millions and now you’re giving that knowledge back.

I’ve supported you for months, told everyone I know about you, and now I’ll go find something else, cause this is no way to treat a community.

– Al

Seems almost poetic that my last mixergy lesson I did was titled “Don’t forget your community“.  Thanks Andrew.

And to those who I’ve been sending over to Mixergy, my apologies, I’ll find a replacement for you, just hang tight.

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Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
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