Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
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Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)

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“Business School is a Joke”

Posted by Al Doan under Online Media Reviews


Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)

When it comes to business, we’re told that an MBA is the key to success, and really they want to give the perception that it’s the only path to success (have you heard the argument that everyone’s an undergrad, if you want to have any chance to compete you must have an MBA… heard it right?). Well there’s one MBA student who is critical of the perceived value of the MBA.

James Somers writes a post over at his blog here, and offers an interesting rant on his experience at the Ross School of Business.  His main arguments are that business schools are pandering to a mediocre generation of up and coming ‘business people’.  He notes the lack of rigor is producing a bunch of middle manager mentality “leaders” who don’t understand the data they’re molding.

It’s actually a very interesting read, particularly because it comes from one going through the motions himself.  But reading it you won’t find anything that surprising, it is really the reason that we’re all here looking for something that feels a bit more fulfilling.  We’re trying to get away from the cookie cutter solution that is predominant among business schools.

Now let me reiterate, I don’t think business schools are necessarily a joke, or bad, or anything like that. I think they serve a purpose, but they’ve become the be-all end-all solution for business people when it should be a respected routes to the top, not the route.  The side effect that we are seeing as everyone funnels through the same program in school, is that the bar has been lowered to widen the lanes.  The result, as argued in this rant, is that students are being trained to middle management instead of business elite.

This holds true in my own experience hiring people, and when you need a guy to churn reports out, you should go for the MBA employee, however if are looking for outside the box growth, you are going to have to go outside the box, because that can’t be taught in generic course work.

Something to think about, and it makes me feel pretty good about what I’m working towards

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Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
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