Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
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Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)

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My goals for what I’ll learn

Posted by Al Doan under Goals


Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)

This makes me a bit nervous to throw my goals out here like this, but them sitting on a sheet of paper on my desk isn’t helping anyone.  So over the course of the next year, the following are what I’m trying to do, defined by an overview (meaning), a reason (why), and a plan (how).

Post your thoughts, suggestions, criticisms, and so on because I expect these to focus in a bit more, and become more defined as I continue to learn.  Also, if you decide to do something similar, I’d love to see what you’re doing, and we can encourage each other, so share away!

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Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
Hard Knock MBA (Personal MBA)
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